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The first Module-as-a-Service platform, HTTP-less, 100% JavaScript ,and developer-first with advanced dynamic scaling 🚀

Coding in Full Stack seems cool, but that requires a lot. For instance, just setting up tools, frameworks, and database tiers already takes you hours.

We know it’s painful to wait while you’re excited with your new ideas 😉 That is why we came up with MERN and MEAN templates to help you start your projects in no time, with a less and simple configuration.

And today, regarding some of your request, we would love to bring you another template for the MEVN stack 😉 Quite similar to the other two templates, you can shift your focus on MongoDB, Vue.js…

Hi there, some of you guys might already know that we built a MERN stack template earlier that helps you skip Express.js.

Regarding some of your requests, we would like to bring you a new open-source template. And this time, it is for MEAN stack 😉

And you know what, you can still develop both front & backend with live-reload and deploy with a simple command-line while the Express.js part is managed 100% automatically, isn’t that great? 🤯

Clone it right here 👉 MEAN ready-to-deploy template

Now let’s get to know how the template can help you!

A MEAN stack but you only code MAN 🤯

Besides the MERN…

TensorFlow.js snippets to get you started faster


Our AI specialist at ScaleDynamics built Tensorflow.js snippets ready to use, so you can get on directly with testing and building TFJS right from the browser.

We started with the most used cases:

He also added explanations on the Face Detection and Sound Spectrogram snippets to help you understand them easier

All snippets are available on our free Playground where you can code frontend & backend directly from the browser.

Hope you guys like it!
MadeWithTFJS ❤

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Hi there Full Stack community 👋

I guess some of you might already know about and already tested your code on the JavaScript Full Stack Playground. We would like to thank you for your interest and your contribution to the Full Stack community 🍻 🎉. We want to thank everyone who participated and gave feedback on the Playground.

Today, we proudly announce that the JavaScript Full Stack Playground just got a Free Developer Plan! …

ScaleDynamics’s JavaScript Full Stack Playground is the first place where developers can code both frontend JavaScript and backend node.js directly in their browser.

To ease the coding, instead of using HTTP and JSON between your front and your Node.js backend, in the playground you use JavaScript call and JavaScript objects. It helps you save time by writing less code and offers a unique experience of coding Full Stack without being a Full Stack.⚡🍻 — you’re kinda transforming into a Super Saiyan!


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